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Our platform utilizes the most powerful technology solution available to Amazon sellers – reducing wasted ad spend and increasing profitability. Come and see it in action.

We learn your business and your products and construct campaigns based upon your brand’s goals. Real time integration with Amazon’s sponsored product platform coupled to a powerful automation platform ensures efficient and effective use of your advertising budget. Machine learning and user defined rules help to ensure you sell profitably without missing sales keeping your campaigns relevant and managed to target.

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How Do We Get Results?

We use a proven approach to setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns on Amazon

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Step 01 – Campaign Setup

Keyword research and build-out based on client and brand goals, brand story, competitors, and available market share for search terms in target product category.

Step 02 – Reduce Inefficient Spend

Automatic identification of non-converting keywords driving ad spend and removal from campaign to prevent wasting ad spend.

Step 03- Search Terms

On-going identification of broad matched keywords to apply as exact match terms that increase ad impressions, conversions, and lower ACoS.

Step 04- Optimization

Cutting edge bidding algorithm focused on driving profitability, based on client-defined rules that makes daily bid adjustments to maximize impressions on profitable keywords and minimize wasted ad spend.

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