Channeled is your Partner

We understand software is not enough to succeed. Our end to end solution supports you at every step along the way from initial set up and listing to optmization, promotion, and growth - guiding you to success.

  • Feed Import from eCommerce Store
  • Feed Optimization
  • Automated Sync to Marketplaces
  • Inventory Sync Across all Channels
  • Order Sync
  • Tracking / Shipping Status Sync
  • Sponsored Product Campaigns
  • Dedicated Support

Listing Solution


Optimized Marketplace Listings

The Channeled solution integrates eCommerce stores with marketplaces, structuring your data to not only meet the requirements of each channel, but optimizing it to perform.  As part of the process we evaluate your product to ensure keywords are included in your product titles and other product data, using competitor and other data. 

  • On-Going Optimization
  • New ASIN Creation
  • Variants
  • Category Mapping
  • Listings Automatically Synced to Channels

Sponsored Product Campaigns & Promotion

Our platform utilizes the most powerful promotion solution available to Amazon sellers - reducing wasted ad spend and increasing profitability. Campaigns are constructed based upon your brand's goals for promotion and real time integration with Amazon's sponsored product platform ensuring efficient and effective use of your advertising budget. Machine learning and user defined rules help to ensure you sell profitably without missing sales.

  • Campaigns crafted to serve your brand's goals
  • Reduce Inefficient Ad Spend
  • Powerful platform constantly seeks profitable keyword opportunities from Amazon 
  • Dynamic bid adjustments to maximize exposure and minimize wasted ad spend
  • Cutting edge bidding algorithm with profit based user defined rules

Order and Inventory Sync

Our sync ensures your inventory is always up-to-date between your store and your sales channels so you never miss a sale or have cancellations.  Order data is pulled from each Marketplace into your eCommerce platform. Inventory is synced with any order or inventory change on store or channels. Currently we support Amazon, Jet, WalMart and eBay. Contact us to learn more.

  • Automatic Order Sync
  • Tracking numbers set to Marketplace
  • Fulfill Order from your eCommerce Store
  • Fully supported for Amazon, EBay, Walmart and Jet


Our complete integration solution connects your eCommerce store to marketplaces and comparison shopping sites.  See our integrations page to learn more. 

Full-Service Management


FBA Management

Full management of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), including recommendation of items to convert to FBA, order creation, restocking and optimization. We can also work with 3PL provider on shipment prep, returns, inventory replenishment, and any problems that arise.

Five Star

Review Management

Along with price and sales volume, one of the most important factors in winning sales and the coveted "buy box" is your reputation on Amazon. Channeled will manage all aspects of communicating with buyers to prevent problems, ask for reviews post-order, send reminders, and handle negative reviews.

Order Management

Order Management

As your partner we will constantly monitor your seller accounts to ensure that orders are fulfilled promptly and your accounts are in good standing.  We can handle order and product questions as well as work with you to streamline your order processing and management. 

Additional Services


Automatic REpricing

Winning the "buy box" and converting sales means being priced competitively.  Our repricer will automatically update your prices based on the same or similar items on your sales channels without sacrificing margin in the process so you can convert sales, win the buy box, and achieve significant sales growth. 



Don't spend weeks and piles of money to create a custom solution, our crawler is designed for sites that have no-built in mechanism for exporting product data via CSV or XML and can be setup to run on any frequency for ANY site, no matter how many products you have.