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Selling On Amazon…Getting Started

If you are reading this you have made the decision to Sell on Amazon (or another online marketplace). Great! Now, let’s pause for a bit… Taking your brand to Amazon needs to be as carefully considered and executed as any other sales channel would be. Too often we run into brands with unrealistic expectations that […]

Why Brands Should Sell On Amazon

Selling on Amazon has been, in recent history, a controversial question for many brand owners and managers who have concerns about Amazon’s size and control and a brand’s perceived inability to control the customer experience on the Amazon site. Now the answer to “should this brand be on Amazon?” is unequivocally “yes” given that nearly […]

Selling on Amazon through Vendor Central Vs. Seller Central

Selling on the Amazon marketplace should be a crucial component of any brand’s strategy in today’s retail landscape. The amount of traffic to the Amazon site from buyers with intent to purchase is simply impossible to ignore.  Need proof? 43% of ALL online purchases in the US went through Amazon in 2016 (source) 55% of […]