Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips for Amazon Sellers

Black Friday Laptop

With the busy 2019 holiday shopping season fast approaching and preparation well underway already for Black Friday and Cyber Monday there are things Amazon Sellers can do to be ready to take full advantage of the massive sales opportunities.   In this article we outline our top 5 tips to be ready.   Tip 1) Get Inventory […]

Amazon Advertising Introduction

Amazon Advertising Overview

Amazon is now the third largest advertising network on the planet next to Google and Facebook (Learn more about that news).  By taking advantage of Amazon’s growing advertising tools, sellers are able to get their products in front of a large audience on the largest shopping site in the world, which is growing more competitive […]

Amazon Storage Discount and Prime One-Day

Amazon Storage Discounts

Many Amazon Sellers are asking “what’s the deal” with Amazon’s new storage fee promotion being pushed in Seller Central? Amazon’s April announcement of storage fee discount of 50-75% underlines the marketplace’s intent to establish One Day shipping more widely as the marketplace pursues continued competitive advantage among online buyers through benefits for its Prime members.  We […]

How to Transition from Amazon Vendor Central to Seller Central

Amazon Vendor Program Truck

A short “How To” on preparing to Transition from Amazon Vendor Central to Amazon Seller Central as Amazon give the boot to many sellers in the vendor program who now must manage all aspects of selling as a 3rd party without help from Amazon.

Selling On Amazon…Getting Started

If you are reading this you have made the decision to Sell on Amazon (or another online marketplace). Great! Now, let’s pause for a bit… Taking your brand to Amazon needs to be as carefully considered and executed as any other sales channel would be. Too often we run into brands with unrealistic expectations that […]

Why Brands Should Sell On Amazon

Selling on Amazon has been, in recent history, a controversial question for many brand owners and managers who have concerns about Amazon’s size and control and a brand’s perceived inability to control the customer experience on the Amazon site. Now the answer to “should this brand be on Amazon?” is unequivocally “yes” given that nearly […]

Selling on Amazon through Vendor Central Vs. Seller Central

Selling on the Amazon marketplace should be a crucial component of any brand’s strategy in today’s retail landscape. The amount of traffic to the Amazon site from buyers with intent to purchase is simply impossible to ignore.  Need proof? 43% of ALL online purchases in the US went through Amazon in 2016 (source) 55% of […]