Paid Social for eCommerce Brands

We partner with eCommerce-focused DTC brands to drive sales using proven paid social media strategies that deliver strong ROAS, build brand awareness and loyalty.

We’ve understand what it takes to succeed in todays landscape where limitations on data fron iOS and Andriod have made proper execution more important than ever.

Our Paid Social Strategy:

  1. Define Your Objectives: The first step to a successful paid social campaign is alignment with our clients on past performance, successes and failures and goals. This helps us understand where opportunities exsiting and how your organic socials be leverages in paid social efforts.
  2. Setup: We ensure your paid social channels are setup, including using the latest conversion APIs, event tracking and getting your product catalog optimized and synced including order and inventory data to support operations.
  3. Audience Testing: We then develop or use existing customer personas to inform target audiences. What are their interests, geo-targets, demographics, and behaviors and combine this data with your first-party customer audience to create both retaregeting and lookalike audiences
  4. Creative: When then work with our brand partners on creative testing, defining ad creatives that resonate with your target audience across all available formats. This is a continuous process of testing and iteration, based on performance and product lifecycle and seonality.
  5. Budget and Bid Strategy: We continuously adjust budgets and bid strategy based on ad performance and client input with high-performing ads receiving more share of the budget.
  6. Monitoring and Reporting: We continuously monitor and adjust campaigns based on performance and to align again client budgets and goals and provide access to performance dashboard.

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