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Data Analytics, Reporting and Integration

Analyzing your metrics from a category and competitor standpoint is necessary. We need to know where your brand and products are positioned against the competition.

We consistently monitor market share, average selling price, units available, top-selling products, and more.

By highlighting trends beyond your own performance, we provide powerful insights for decision-making on your existing products, as well as new product launches. 

Amazon Data Services

Our Data Services

Selling on Amazon through Vendor Central Vs. Seller Central, 1p vs 3p

Alyte, Our Self-Service Performance dashboard. 

Just sign up and get easy-to-read insights on your seller data in our custom built application.

Channeled - an Amazon Agency
Amazon Seller Data Service
Amazon Seller Services
  • Access to our Alyte Seller Dashboard
  • Ongoing Performance Sync – Monthly consulting sessions to review and understand channel performance data.
  • Audit/Analysis Engagement – Project based performance analysis on Advertising, Sales, Channel P&L, and Competitive Landscape – helping brands to understand their current and historical data.
  • Custom Data Export to your Data Warehouse and/or Business Intelligence Tool of Choice
  • Custom Google Data Studio Dashboards

Insights At Your Fingertips​

We break down your marketplace performance into an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Amazon data comprises of complex reports that not many sellers and brands understand. We created a smart solution to make this data more readily available, and more importantly, insightful.

Our brand partners and customers are provided proprietary performance dashboards, displaying their Amazon performance and insights in real-time.

Data Processing Amazon Web Services

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