We're your Boston-based eCommerce experts.

We are a team of eCommerce experts with hands-on experience building, launching, and growing businesses, especially on Amazon.

We have operated and scaled 100+ brands, managing them day-in and day-out. As a boutique agency, we have the ability to form deeper relationships with our clients. But we don’t choose to work with every business we are approached by. Instead, we seek out long-term relationships with the right brands.

Amazon Marketing Agency

Our Background

We strive to partner with remarkable brands and business leaders who are ready to let us roll up our sleeves and get to work on boosting your bottom line.

We have diverse experience across finance, marketing, operations, and supply chain for direct-to-consumer, multi-channel eCommerce brands. This sets us apart from other agencies.

We also are tech-enabled data experts. No other agency organizes and presents data the way we do, nor has the experience we have when it comes to translating data into actionable forecasts and growth plans.

Meet Our Leadership Team:

Andy (1)

Andrew Hurley

Andrew has spent his entire career in eCommerce technology as a leader and entrepreneur including in managing digital marketing teams, marketplaces, marketing tech, conversion optimization, and product management.
Ecommerce Strategy Manager

Matt Helming

Matt was formerly an investment banker running M&A for IP based assets including Direct-to-Consumer Brands, eCommerce and Technology with extensive experience in operations, finance and data.

Why Choose Us?

Our team has extensive experience in:

  • Amazon management
  • eCommerce marketing and operations
  • Financials and analytical tools
  • Account performance insights
  • Trends across Amazon and other platforms
  • Product development and supply chain

The Channeled Difference

Whether you use Amazon exclusively or multiple channels, we can take you to the next level. We evaluate needs, handle implementation of listings, manage ad campaigns and work with brands to ensure operations are positioned to grow in alignment with sales.

Best Amazon Advertising Agency

We are Amazon-first and use proven Amazon-specific strategies to drive success.

Amazon Management Agency
Holistic Approach

We develop and implement complete strategies that deliver better results.

Best Amazon Advertising Agency

We use a data-driven approach to understand performance and drive decision making.

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