Protecting Your Brand on Amazon in 2024

Brand protection for Amazon in 2024

In the digital marketplace era, brand protection on platforms like Amazon is paramount for maintaining customer trust and brand integrity. The Amazon marketplace has historically been a tough place for brands to protect themselves from bad actors who sell counterfeit products, sell on the marketplace without brand authorization, and more.   But the good news is that Amazon Brand Protection 2024 is taking a more “brand-first” approach and over time is doing more to protect brands.

As of 2024, the pursuit of counterfeit on Amazon and brand protection has evolved, leveraging technological advancements and strategic partnerships. This post delves into the mechanisms Amazon has put in place to help protect brands and offers actionable strategies for brand protection on the Amazon Marketplace.

Brand protection for Amazon in 2024

Investing in Brand Safety

Amazon’s commitment to brand safety is getting better. In 2023, the retail giant invested over $1.2 billion and employed more than 15,000 people, including machine learning scientists and expert investigators, dedicated to rooting out counterfeit on Amazon to provide a safer shopping experience. This investment has fortified Amazon’s controls and introduced powerful tools for brands to safeguard their intellectual property.

Robust Proactive Controls

Amazon’s Brand Protection approach starts with stringent seller verification processes, employing technologies like document forgery detection and machine learning-based detection to thwart over 700,000 bad actor attempts to create new selling accounts in 2023 alone. Amazon’s automated protections blocked 99% of suspected infringing listings, showcasing the efficiency of its proactive measures.

Powerful Tools for Brand Protection

Amazon Brand Registry has equipped brands with several tools to protect their intellectual property (some of which are newer):

  • Brand Registry: This free Amazon brand registry service for brand owners has been pivotal in reducing infringement notices by over 30% since 2020, thanks to its comprehensive protection measures.
  • Project Zero: Empowering brands with automated protections, product serialization capabilities, and the ability to remove counterfeit listings directly.
  • Transparency: A product serialization service that has authenticated over 1.6 billion product units as genuine through code scan verification.
  • Amazon Patent Evaluation Express (APEX): Offers a faster resolution to patent disputes, significantly reducing the time to reach a decision.

Collaborations and Education

Amazon’s brand protection 2024 strategy extends beyond its platform, engaging in global collaborations with law enforcement and industry partners to dismantle counterfeit networks. Initiatives like the Counterfeit Crimes Unit have pursued over 21,000 bad actors, underscoring Amazon’s commitment to legal accountability.

Educating consumers and brands about the risks of counterfeits is another pillar of Amazon’s strategy. Through campaigns like the Unreal Campaign Challenge and partnerships with international associations, Amazon aims to raise awareness about the dangers of counterfeit products.

Empowering Brands with Knowledge and Tools

To maximize your brand’s protection on Amazon, engagement with the platform’s tools and services is essential. Enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry and leveraging tools like Transparency and Project Zero can significantly enhance your brand’s defense against counterfeits. Additionally, staying informed about Amazon’s evolving strategies and participating in educational initiatives can help align your brand protection efforts with industry best practices.

Amazon’s brand protection 2024 comprehensive approach emphasizes innovation, collaboration, and education. As a brand owner, leveraging Amazon’s tools and staying proactive can help you protect your brand and build customer trust in the competitive digital marketplace.

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