Amazon DSP Advertising – 3 Creative Insights

Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) Advertising

3 creative insights to help you reach customers who are in-market for healthcare products

Do you sell healthcare products on Amazon? If yes, this article is well worth your time. Learn how to get the most out of your Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP). Here are 3 tips to help boost your advertising sales with Amazon DSP. 

Boost clicks to your health-care products 

When Amazon customers turn their attention to an ad, they usually do so by clicking on it. An engaged Amazon customer can be delighted by your supplement offer and therefore proceed to your call-to-action. Below are recommendations to boost clicks on your DSP ads. 

Key recommendations:

  • Use 10 words or less. Note that word count includes any copy, including CTA and disclaimer.
  • Use the word ‘feel’.
  • Do not use discount messaging.
  • Use a call-to-action (CTA) with low height. Keep it to 2-10% of ad height where possible (rectangle and taller formats) without violating Ad Policy guidelines on legibility.
  • Use a light background with a light or dark foreground. The foreground includes images as well as text.
Creative insights to boost clicks, from Amazon ads.
Creative insights to boost clicks

Boost page views 

Want to boost page views? Focus on clarity and getting your brand messaging across as clearly as possible. Brand logos should fill the space and be visible since its goal is to encourage brand recall and affinity. Have clear product imagery, either product focused or lifestyle, keeping the product as identifiable as possible. Below are recommendations you can use to boost page views on your DSP ads. 

Key recommendations:

  • Use 10 words or less. The count includes all copy, including CTA and disclaimer.
  • Use discount messaging. It’s allowed on static ads if no dynamic ad format is available for that ad size. It’s also allowed if you’re linking to an external destination OR an Amazon destination with multiple ASINs (this includes Stores).
  • Use the word ‘feel’.
  • Do NOT use the word ‘new’.
  • Show a low number of objects (5 or less), including background color, logo and text. An object is defined as such if it can clearly be identified as a separate element based on its color, outline or space. IE – different products in the image.
  • Use a dark background with a dark foreground. The foreground includes images as well as text. Dark background and foreground refers to the majority of the ad. But this doesn’t mean the whole ad needs to be dark. Consider showing light copy on a dark background as long as the copy does NOT cover the majority of the ad. Don’t forget to ensure all elements are easily recognizable and legible.
Creative insights to boost page views, from Amazon ads.
Creative insights to boost pageviews

Reach Amazon shoppers and promote savings

Focus on offers and promotions, use auto-generated Dynamic eCommerce Ads (DEA) or Responsive eCommerce Creatives (REC), and promote savings.

Key recommendations:

  • Use the word ‘feel’.
  • Use low complexity imagery. Complexity of an image refers to the number and variance of colors and textures, irregular vs. regular arrangement, and several parts of an image, including text areas. To reduce complexity, consider avoiding lifestyle imagery or use solid color backgrounds in lieu of textures. Aim for a clear arrangement with a limited amount of people or objects. Stay away from using several colors or font sizes.
  • Use discount messaging. What we wrote in the section above applies here as well!
  • Use a light background with a dark foreground. The foreground includes images as well as text.
Creative insights to boost purchases, from Amazon ads.
Creative insights to boost purchases

Consider using our recommendations when creating or optimizing your DSP creatives. Please note that these recommendations are based on average results from thousands of creatives. 

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