Build Your Brand Using Amazon’s “Manage Your Customer Engagement” Tool

Learn all about Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool

Amazon continues to roll out tools and features for sellers to connect with customers, promote their products, and grow their business through the marketplace. 

The Manage Your Customer Engagement tool (MYCE) is one such offering. It allows sellers to communicate with customers who follow their brand on Amazon. This tool helps brands to build customer loyalty and increase product visibility through email campaigns.

To access the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool, you must be a Brand-Registered seller and have an Amazon Storefront. Let’s take a deeper look at what the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool is, what sellers are eligible to use it, and how you can set up your MYCE email campaigns. 

What is the Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool?

Up until the launch of the MYCE tool (Spring 2021), sellers were very limited in how they could communicate with customers. Amazon had a golden rule: sellers could not send any marketing or promotional messaging to their shoppers. But with the help of this free tool, you can now email your customers with your brand updates.

The MYCE tool allows you to set up your brand’s own email marketing campaigns to send to your brand followers on Amazon. As with any email marketing campaign, it helps increase customer engagement, retention, and it’s an effective way to launch new products to a high-converting audience. 

These email campaigns feature your highlighted product and branding. Be sure to customize these emails with your own imagery, so it stands out from other emails that Amazon typically sends consumers.  

The MYCE program currently supports new product launches or spotlights a specific product or products, such as a holiday gift guide, and including promotional details of the featured product(s). According to Amazon, more features are on the way! 

The MYCE tool also provides sellers with click-through metrics so you can analyze the performance and success of your campaigns. 

Who is Eligible to Use the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool?

This feature is available to sellers who:

  • Are enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry
  • Have an active Amazon Store
  • Have followers on their Amazon Store

First of all, if you are not currently enrolled in the Brand Registry, you should be! Once you are, you can take advantage of the many tools that Amazon offers to its Amazon Brand Registered sellers. If you are Amazon Brand Registered but do not yet have a Brand Store – create one! It allows brands to showcase their products on a customizable, multi-page storefront that resembles a brand’s own website. 

If you are Brand Registered and have an existing Amazon Store, GREAT! But the third criteria for the MYCE program is having brand followers on Amazon, which are customers that have clicked the “Follow” button on your storefront. 

To help build a following for your brand, you can use another seller tool called Amazon Posts. Like Instagram and Facebook posts, Amazon Posts allow brands to share images and other product-related content. When followers click on a Post, they can navigate to the featured product’s listing to make a purchase or browse similar Posts to discover other products and brands.  

Posts effectively help drive awareness for your brand and products and motivate customers to follow your Amazon store to receive your brand’s updates and curated content. Once you have followers, you can start creating your MYCE campaigns to promote your products even further.

How to Create an MYCE Campaign

Follow the simple steps below to set up an email campaign using the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool:

  1. Access the MYCE tool. In your Seller Central, go to “Brands” > “Customer Engagement.” If you have access to the tool, you’ll be able to start creating your email campaigns. 
  2. Select a shopping event theme. You can select a shopping event theme that will update the email’s visual style.
  3. Select the featured product. Add the primary product that you want highlighted in the campaign, whether it’s a new product launch, a gift idea, and it can also be part of an eligible promotion. By entering your primary ASIN and clicking “submit,” you can select promotional details if there is an eligible promotion for the product, such as a “7-day Deal” or “Coupon.”
  4. Select a supporting image. One that meets Amazon’s product image requirements.
  5. Select supporting products. You can select up to four supporting products to appear below your primary product. This step is optional, but it can help promote complementary products in your catalog.
  6. Schedule the campaign. Pick the date for your campaign to start. It will be sent in the 5-day period beginning on your selected date, subject to restrictions. 
  7. Configure your campaign email settings. Select your subject line and section header and upload your brand logo and header image. 
  8. Name your campaign. Choose a name for your campaign for your reference only when reviewing its performance. Customers will not see this name in their email.

Before your campaign goes live, Amazon will review your campaign to make sure it meets their requirements. Approval could take 72 hours, so keep this timing in mind and plan ahead. 

MYCE Email Campaign Example

Below is an example of how a Manage Your Customer Engagement email looks when it appears in a customer’s inbox.

An example of how a Management Your Customer Engagement email looks when it appears in a customer's inbox.
How a MYCE email looks in a customer’s inbox

It provides followers with a brief overview of a new product, including its price and customer rating. It also shows a lifestyle image to portray how the product looks and its uses.

Final Thoughts

Amazon’s Manage Your Customer Engagement tool is an excellent way for brands to interact with loyal customers and increase product visibility. We highly recommend using this resource to your brand’s advantage. The more you engage your customers, the better it is for your bottom line. 

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