How To Create a Great Product Listing on Amazon

How to keep your Amazon product listings current

Selling a high-demand product on Amazon is not guaranteed to bring your business success. Even if it is better quality, has more superior features than its competitors, and is priced perfectly. Without a great Amazon product listing, you’ll be missing out on many sales. 

Think of your Amazon product listing as your brand’s storefront in a shopping mall. Shoppers go to the mall with the intention to purchase and they are presented with lots of options on where to spend their money. Therefore, you first have to get them into your “store” and then get them to make a purchase.

A few factors go into creating a great Amazon product listing. These include Amazon SEO-driven keywords, detailed product descriptions with captivating copy, quickly scannable formatting, and high-quality images that showcase your product in its best light – literally and figuratively.

Read on to learn how to master each of these elements to drive conversions and maximize sales.

How to create a great product listing on Amazon

Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing with Keywords

Inserting SEO keywords is key to driving buyers to your Amazon listing. It guides Amazon’s algorithm to rank your listing high in search results so that your product is visible to customers who are searching for your product.

Amazon’s search engine interprets the keywords in your listing’s copy to determine whether your product is relevant to the keywords a customer enters in their search bar. Inserting those exact search terms in your listing makes your product more searchable.

Let’s say you’re selling a handbag and want to rank for the highly searched keyword “crossbody,” a key feature of the product. You would need to include “crossbody” throughout your listing for Amazon’s search engine to show your item in customer search results.

You can use many online resources to compile high-volume keywords for your product. Then organically placing these keywords into your listing copy will help raise your listing’s search ranking. 

Here are a couple of recommendations on how to use keywords correctly in your product listing:

  • Place priority keywords in the title. Avoid keyword stuffing, making your listing appear like spam to buyers and Amazon’s search engine. Instead, stick to the top keywords that call out your product’s most important features. Remember, the product’s title is visible on the customer’s search results page. So if they see what they are looking for in the title, they’ll click on the listing.
  • Use variations of your target keywords. Suppose you are targeting “face moisturizer.” In that case, you’ll also want to use phrases like “moisturizing face cream,” “hydrating facial lotion,” and many other variations like this spread out in your entire listing.

The goal is to consistently include keywords that describe your product to boost your product listing’s visibility and bring more buyers to your product detail page.

Create Compelling Copy That Converts Customers

Your product feature bullets and description must spark the buyer’s interest and gain their trust. In addition to including basic information, an excellent listing must also meet the buyer’s motivations. 

How would the product improve their lives? How does it solve a problem they’re experiencing? What benefits and results can they expect from this product? How is your product different and/or better than its competitors? Whatever it is that your customers care about the most, make sure that your listing copy addresses it, and it is written in clear, compelling language that motivates them to click the “Buy Now” button.

Make Your Amazon Product Listing Easily Scannable

Most shoppers won’t read every single word on your product listing. Part of the shopping experience on Amazon is reviewing and comparing multiple products within minutes. Therefore, it’s highly likely that customers will quickly scan your listing before making their purchase decision.

To make your listing scannable for this purpose, make sure that your feature bullets are clearly separated, and for each bullet, use a header in all caps that calls out the top features and benefits. A captivating yet concise description should then follow each header. And be sure to list your product’s best attributes first, with the more basic details listed further down.

Use Product Images to Promote Purchases

Having clear, high-quality product images can quickly convince customers that your product is the one to buy. When it comes to the images used on your product listing, follow these recommended best practices:

  • Use high-resolution photos. Amazon recommends that product photos be at least 1,000 pixels in either height or width.
  • Include multiple photos. Show your product’s packaging, different angles, lifestyle shots of a person using the product, and any other images that would appeal to your customers.
  • Edit images to put your product in its best light. Zoom in on its best attributes, reduce shadows, and adjust the contrast so your product images can catch buyers’ attention.

Use Your Amazon Product Listing to Drive Sales

With a carefully crafted Amazon product listing, you can build brand awareness, highlight your product’s unique selling points, and motivate shoppers to buy. Having a keyword-optimized listing that perfectly portrays your product will surely lead to more sales.

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