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How to Add a User to Amazon Seller Central

How to keep your Amazon product listings current

Amazon Listing Maintenance: When & How to Update Product Details

Product listing and catalog maintenance are a must for all Amazon sellers. Whether it’s to update required information, satisfy updated entry requirements, or clarify details to help mitigate customer confusion, regular maintenance helps ensure that your listings remain active and don’t suffer from missed sales. When to Make Updates to Product Listings There are a […]

Learn all about Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool

Fabric Type Now Required for Amazon Bulk Listing Uploads

Amazon had recently announced changes to its listing requirements in the Apparel category. “Fabric Type Designation,” a previously optional entry, is now required when conducting a bulk upload. Additionally, the entry format for this feature has been updated from using a slash(/) separation to now using a comma(,).  Ensuring that your data meets new criteria […]

Amazon global logistics: ship to seller storage service

Amazon Global Logistics: Ship to Seller Storage Service

Businesses and consumers are still feeling the effects of the pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions. Full containers from China to Mainland US increased from about $4,000 to as much as $40,000. This has been causing months-long delays for goods to be received as well as significant downward pressure on profit margins. Unfortunately, this has forced many […]

Channeled's view on the Amazon aggregator landscape

Trouble in Amazon Aggregator Paradise

This blog post was originally published as a LinkedIn article on May 4, 2022. We want to share our perspective on the TechCrunch article published Monday, May 2, 2022 about announced layoffs at Thrasio. We’ve been following the space and believe things could get worse…  Trouble in the land of the “aggregator” The article confirmed […]

Various buildings depicting where a product is manufactured, stored, the final destination, etc

How to Use Amazon Global Inbound Shipping

As an Amazon FBA seller, you want to move your products from production to Amazon warehouses as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. But when your goods are manufactured in one part of the world, and you’re selling in a marketplace on the other side of the globe, combined with the supply chain problems, you need […]

Five tips every Amazon Seller should follow to prepare for the massive sales opportunity that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips for Amazon Sellers

Our Top 5 tips to get Amazon Sellers ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Amazon Ad Agency

Amazon Advertising: All About ACoS and Amazon’s Marketing Products

By taking advantage of Amazon’s growing advertising tools, Amazon sellers are able to get their products in front of a huge audience on the largest shopping site in the world.

Amazon Storage Discount

Amazon Storage Discount and Prime One-Day

Many Amazon Sellers are asking “what’s the deal” with Amazon’s new storage fee promotion in Seller Central. Amazon’s April announcement of storage fee discount of 50-75% underlines the marketplace’s intent to establish One Day shipping more widely as the marketplace pursues continued competitive advantage among online buyers through benefits for its Prime members.  We see two […]